AboutLisa Glowacki Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. In my approach, there is no real estate transaction that is too large or too small. Every contact is a multi-million dollar client to me. If you don’t feel you are that valuable, you should because my business is worthless without you!

I don’t fly the flag of a large real estate brokerage because I feel that being an independent gives me the flexibility to best meet my client’s needs. My focus is on meeting and satisfying your needs as a unique real estate client. Customer satisfaction doesn’t come from the brand or brokerage but from the dedicated work of the agent or broker in service of a specific client.

I won’t try to impress you with designations and awards whose meanings often get loss. I’m not going to bore you telling you I am a top or million dollar producer. My actions when finding you a home or marketing your property will speak much louder than those words.

I have a unique approach to marketing properties that leverages current Internet and multimedia technology to reach the largest segment of prospective buyers for your property. I continue to seek out new and better ways to reach the broadest audience and will consult with you as we continue to work to attract the right buyer. I am a quick, responsive, problem solver and seek to adapt rapidly to changing conditions. Problems and challenges are simply opportunities for greater creativity and resourcefulness.

Whether buying or selling I am passionate about custom remodeled homes, fixer-uppers, and investment properties with a specialized focus on your needs in this unique segment of the Real Estate Industry. Offered to like-minded people with the mutual goal of maximizing returns while professionally facilitating transactions by means of innovative and state-of-the-art-thinking.

Our Mission Statement:

Our philosophy is simple: clients come first. Pledging to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. Good old fashion family values, hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and respect is the foundation to building customer satisfaction.